University of Strathclyde

Innovative Profile

The roots of the University of Strathclyde lie in the revolutionary thinking of an 18th century educator who believed in the right to education for all and the relevance of education for a prosperous society.

Today, as a competitive leading international technological university, our commitment to relevance remains equally strong and we aim for excellence in education, research and knowledge exchange. This is borne out by our achievements, including graduate employment rates, research funding levels and commercialisation successes, as well as the title of Times Higher Education UK University of the Year, awarded by judges who described us as a “bold, imaginative and innovative institution.”

The aim of the University’s founder was to create a ‘place of useful learning’ – we have combined an enterprising approach with the commitment to that concept to address the requirements of an increasingly challenging world.


Research Profile

Entrepreneurship is a key aspect of our research, integrated into every discipline and at all levels of study. In specific areas, Strathclyde leads the way in renewable energy, pharmaceutical and biomedical research, government and politics, electrical and mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering.

The University has pioneering centres in pharmacy, drug delivery and development, micro and ultrasonic engineering, biophotonics and photonics, biomedical engineering, medical devices, new therapies,prosthetics and orthotics, public health history, law,crime and justice and social work.

The University is involved in 11 partnerships with other universities through the Scottish Funding Councils’ Research Pooling Programme, covering areas such as engineering, life sciences, energy, marine science and technology, physics, chemistry, computer sciences and economics. Several Strathclyde staff have been elected to Fellowships in the Royal Societies of Edinburgh and London, among the UK’s most prestigious honours.


Education Profile

Every year, thousands of students choose Strathclyde because of our reputation for first-class teaching and excellent facilities. The University’s partnerships with business and industry ensure our graduates understand the needs of employers.

Students at Strathclyde speak highly of our friendly and approachable staff, our great location in vibrant, dynamic Glasgow and the flexibility of our programmes. The University was one of the first in the UK to introduce new methods of study, winning the Queen‘s Award for Export Achievement for our MBA open learning programme. We are taking that flexibility even further with technology such as video streaming and web communication technology, allowing students at Strathclyde and abroad to benefit.

We lead the UK’s Doctoral Training Centres in medical devices, wind energy systems, advanced manufacturing and next generation particle accelerators, providing the gold standard of PhD training for industry and the professions. Our postgraduate portfolio includes partnership in a further eight Doctoral Centres in areas including offshore renewable energy, nuclear engineering, optics and photonics and social sciences.

Access to company scholarships and close interaction with business and industry help to give our graduates a head start in their careers. Our teaching is shaped and informed by the ideas and insight presented in our research, lending it additional depth and sharpening its relevance. Our links to business and industry also enable us to offer our students scholarships, internships and placements, which give them valuable, practical experience of a working environment.

We welcome students from around the world and offer many of our courses through overseas partners, including the renowned Strathclyde MBA which is available through nine international centres.


Why are we a member of the ECIU?

“As a leading international technological University, Strathclyde has a reputation for excellence in education, research and knowledge exchange, which helps us attract the very best students and makes us a partner of choice for industry, commerce and academia. Our work with colleagues at other institutions and partners in business not only addresses significant challenges of the 21st century, but also helps produce the highly-qualified graduates industry and the professions are seeking.

“Our commitment to excellence in research and innovation and our ethos as "a place of useful learning" helped to earn us the title of Times Higher Education UK University of the Year 2012. By expanding our network of global partnerships we will increase our capacity to make an impact on society through innovations in technology and medicine, informing public policy, lending competitive advantage to industries, and creating graduates ready to make a contribution to their profession.”

Professor David Littlejohn, Associate Deputy Principal Research 


Facts and figures




• Academic 1,324

• Non-academic 1,829



• Total number of students 24,542

• Number of international students 1,668 (EU)


Degrees awarded

• No. of PhDs awarded 195



• Annual budget 260million Euro

• Industry income 7.235 million Euro

• Research income 49.41 million Euro

• EC Funding 6.9 million Euro



• All programmes are taught in English language.


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